Adèle Waring started at Clever Cooks as Front of House Manager, a position she held for five years until her passion and commitment to Clever Cooks and it's clients, staff, and suppliers led her to take over the company in 2010. Prior to joining Clever Cooks, Adèle was a graphic designer and developed a keen eye for both detail and aesthetics which lend themselves so well to Clever Cooks.


" Our clients come to us as food and dining experts, asking us to turn their vision into real food, beautiful presentation, and an enjoyable, elegant dining experience. This is what we do, what we are great at, and what we apply our years of experience and skills to, so that our clients are truly delighted."
Adèle Waring


Clever Cooks draws it's staff from a discrete pool of experienced and talented individuals, developing specific teams that deliver to each client's requirements. Head Chef Stuart Wright has been leading the kitchens for over three years and brings expertise with meat, game, and poultry. He manages his kitchens with precision timing, delivering catering service which delight our clients and their guests every time.


As an established Lincolnshire business, Clever Cooks has an extensive and knowledgeable network of catering suppliers throughout the region. This delivers real value and enhances the dining experience for clients through incorporating the best local produce in both food and drink. You can read more about this in our Produce section.





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